Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Familiar Faces!

Carmen is back in the hospital from the CPS Center. Her seizures are still uncontrolled :(

Remember these princesses? Twins: Gabriela and Mihaela. Both girls were brought back to the hospital by their family, and will hopefully now be going into foster care together! It sounds like life at home was quite difficult, and I hope these girls get into a loving/stable home soon!

And recognize this sweet face? Go back to my 2008 posts to learn more about Ana Maria. She has been living at the CPS Center for a few years, and it was finally her time to come to the hospital for evaluations. Coca used to be her personal aide, so was very happy to see her!

Foster Care for Paula!

I have heard from a current volunteer that Paula has gone into foster care! Apparently last week a couple women visited her, and then this week one of them came back to take her home! Hopefully this will work out for Paula!

Udpate: Delia and Denisa

Babies Delia (no arms or legs) and Denisa (bilateral cleft) are now living at the center for children with disabilities run by CPS. Hopefully they will be able to come back to the hospital to spend time with the volunteers again soon!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here He Comes!

Raul's humanitarian parole has been granted! I will be going to get my boy soon!
Please help fundraise for Raul's plane ticket to the U.S. for much needed medical care:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Gone Home:
Cristi Daniel (4.5 years in Tutova/Barlad)

Nicoletta (1.5 years in Tutova/Barlad)

Sammy, age 6, in Barlad from the CPS center for evaluations, previously in Tutova for 4-5 years

Nadia, age 15, back in the hospital from the CPS center

Cleo, age 2, back in Barlad from post-surgical appointment in Iasi

Ion, age 3, back in Barlad hospital from the CPS center (likely having another surgery soon)

Luka, age 11 months, new in the hospital with GI issues

Sunday, May 15, 2011


For those who don't know his story, Raul has Epidermolysis Bullosa. He is 19 months old right now, and has lived his whole life in hospital isolation. Due to financial hardship, the hospitals are not able to purchase the supplies he needs, and so they isolate him to try to help prevent infection. Knowledge about EB is not common in the area where Raul lives, and they have been very open to learning. Children with EB are often called "butterfly babies" as their skin is as fragile as butterfly wings; they get blisters and wounds from pressure and friction. These blisters can occur on any membrane (skin, eyes, GI tract, etc.). Raul is currently refusing to eat more than one bottle per day, likely because of the extreme pain he is in. We give him infrequent Advil, but his pain is much greater than that can alleviate.

Despite how much the staff may care about him and want to help, the tests and treatments that he needs are not available to him in Romania, and that is why we began pursuing an international medical visa almost one year ago. It took an entire year to get everything straightened out with both the Romanian and American hospitals, and to help his parents to understand his condition and what is available to him abroad. We thought we had everything figured out, but after two ten hour round-trip visits to Bucharest this week, Raul has been denied a medical visa. The reasons they gave being, 1: they did not believe we would bring him back despite signed legal documents, and 2: the parents do not qualify for visas to the U.S., and somehow that means Raul does not either even though they will not be traveling with him.

We were advised to try to get him humanitarian parole, and are also getting U.S. senators involved. Please spread the word about Raul's story, as we need all the help we can get to get Raul what he needs. Raul's story and his chance for international medical care was made public in Romanian media before the visa was denied, and for them to have to do a retraction will not look good for the U.S.! The one thing that reassures me is that he has Coca (an aide from Tutova, who is now helping in Barlad) to love him and take care of him until we can bring him here.